You told us: You aren’t super-keen on the Lenovo Legion Play handheld

It looks like you have reservations about Lenovo's Android handheld. ...

Lenovo Legion Play resize

Credit: Lenovo

We’ve seen loads of Android gaming smartphones in the last few years, often featuring plenty of power, a high refresh rate, and extra inputs such as shoulder triggers. But dedicated Android-based handhelds from major companies have been few and far between.

It looked like Lenovo was preparing to unveil one such device at MWC 2021 according to details found on its own website. It’s unclear whether the firm still plans to release the Lenovo Legion Play device, but it offered a full suite of gaming controls (including two analog sticks), a 7,000mAh battery, and more. So we asked whether you’d buy this device, and here’s what you said.

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