ZTE Blade X1 review: A hidden but flawed gem for Visible users

The ZTE Blade X1 looks good on paper, but is it worthy of glory among its sub-$400 rivals? ...

It’s easy to get drowned out when you go up against mid-range names like the Google Pixel 5a and the Galaxy A52 5G. Yet, ZTE may have found a way to cut through some of the noise with its 5G-ready Blade X1. With four cameras on the back, a headphone jack on the bottom, and a Snapdragon processor at its heart, the perfect price to undercut the competition seems to be the icing on top. But is it the complete package? Find out more in Android Authority‘s ZTE Blade X1 review.

$384 .00
ZTE Blade X1

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ZTE Blade X1 Buy it Now
$384 .00

What you need to know about the ZTE Blade X1

The ZTE Blade X1 home screen on a wooden coffee table.

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